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0.2 Hostess’s Request

Comment: Here is supposed to use video if players can connect to WiFi inside of the hall.

So sorry for interrupting. But I really have no idea about what to do now.

Yesterday, a guy went into here for a visit. He looked quite love animals. That’s a good and normal thing, right? But maybe because he was too immersed in animals and taking his notes, he dropped to another parallel world and didn’t even realize. His notes are scattered in the world I am in. Would you please help me to collect those notes and give it to me? Then I can track that poor guy’s location by his stuff and bring him back to your world.

If my feeling is true, there are 7 pieces in total.

The first one should be lying on the mirror. 

Good luck!

Posted On: March 10, 2018 By: Zhaozhen

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