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Jubilee Campus Guide Game

This game is for new computer science students who have no experience of the campus. The primary goal of this game is to guide them in such a way as to allow them to discover the most famous buildings in the campus. Moreover, each page of the ‘Wander Anywhere’ website contains three key pieces of information – a place description, useful links to this place, and the structure of the game. The description part provides the player with a description of a particular place in four different languages – English, Arabic, Spanish, and Chinese.The player should install the Artcode and QR applications in his/her phone to be able to scan the pictures throughout the game.  They will not be able to take part in the game without them.

Important Hint

The player should start from the Aspire Café which is considered to be the starting point of the game.

The location link for the café

Remember to follow weather conditions before the start of the game to take the necessary precautions

Make sure the battery life of mobile more than half before the start of the game


Posted On: March 10, 2017 By: psxrng

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