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About Wander Anywhere

Wander Anywhere gives artists, walkers, treasure hunters and anyone else with a creative bone the means to create locative media – text, images, videos and audio clips, tied to locations – and drop them outside onto the landscape for others to find.

You’re currently looking at the Wander Anywhere desktop site: here you can browse content that other people have created (and see which places around the world they’ve linked the content to), and create your own content, all from the comfort of your computer. The other key part of Wander Anywhere is the mobile site, which you can access by visiting this website on a mobile device. Using this site (which doesn’t require any downloads, and will work on most smartphones or tablets) you can track down Wander Anywhere content and access it “on location”.

Locative Media

Locative media is not a new idea, but the capabilities of mobile phones, and a lack of understanding of how locative media can create compelling new experiences have limited its use. The team has developed Wander Anywhere as a tool for creative individuals and organisations to explore the potential of locative media, and the feasibility of using locative media experiences for public engagement, education and commerce. Each Wander Anywhere author and user contributes to our understanding of how mobile technologies, digital media and the web are evolving, and how the tools that support their use can be improved.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about Wander Anywhere, take a look at the FAQ. If you can’t find an answer there, get in touch.

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