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  1. How do I find Wander Anywhere content out in the real world?
  2. Is there a Wander Anywhere app?
  3. Is my mobile compatible?
  4. Is Wander Anywhere open source?

How do I find Wander Anywhere content out in the real world?

To find the collections of content created by Wander Anywhere authors simply visit this website using a mobile device. Your mobile browser will ask you whether you want to switch to the mobile site, which will offer you a choice of collections and allow you to hunt down the locative media in your chosen collection.

Is there a Wander Anywhere app?

No. Wander Anywhere is completely web-based: all the action happens in your mobile’s web browser. This means that:

  • Wander Anywhere is not restricted by the limitations of particular mobile app platforms
  • You don’t need to find room on your mobile for yet another app
  • What you see when you use Wander Anywhere is completely up-to-date: if an author adds new content, you’ll be able to access it the moment they publish it

Is my mobile compatible?

The Wander Anywhere mobile website works well on a wide range of mobile phones and tablets using a variety of web browsers. The best way to find out whether yours is compatible is to visit this website on your device: the mobile website will then walk you through a simple compatibility test.

Compatible devices are able to:

  • Browse the web (to access the mobile website)
  • Use GPS (to determine your location)
  • Use wifi (to improve the accuracy and speed of GPS positioning)

We maintain a list of devices that have accessed content via the mobile website: if your device is on this list then it will probably work well with Wander Anywhere, but we can make no guarantees!

Is Wander Anywhere open source?

Wander Anywhere is based on the WordPress CMS. As WordPress is licensed under GPLv2, the core components of Wander Anywhere inherit this license. We have chosen not to make these components freely accessible, but would be happy to share the code following an appropriate request – please get in touch. Some parts of Wander Anywhere – those that go beyond the scope of WordPress and that have been developed for particular projects with alternative IP agreements – are not open source; again, please get in touch to find out more.

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