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5- The Atrium

Place Description

English Language

This restaurant provides meals for students at affordable prices. There is a large lounge with many tables that can accommodate a large number of students and it characterised by its position at the centre of the Campus

Arabic Language

يقدم وجبات غذائية للطلاب بإسعار مناسبة و يحتوي على صالة كبيرة تحتوي على العديد من الطاولات التي تتسع لعدد كبير من الطلاب و يتميز بموقعه الذي يقع بوسط الكامبوس

Spanish Language

Provide comida para estudiantes a precios accesibles. Tiene un gran salón con capacidad para acomodar a un gran número de personas, y se caracteriza por su posición céntrica dentro del Campus.

Chinese Language

Useful Links

Restaurant menu

Structure of the game

When you arrive you should scan the picture stuck on the central board near the emergency door of the Atrium by application Artcode. This is a link to the page which contains a question for you to answer which will give you details of the next step.

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