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“What am I doing here?”
“Why can I not remember anything?”

“Have I been here before?”

As you look around, searching for answers, a sharp pain surges up your leg and you feel a tightness in your chest.

Unable to think straight, you take a seat on the islands central bench.

As you sit, trying to remember what happened to you, an agonising wave of pain fills your head. Instantaneously, you begin to to see patterns forming in front of your eyes.

The patterns begin to form in the air, growing increasingly more vivid. A figure emerges from the patterns causing a wave of fear to wash over you. Slowly the figure turns its head and paces towards you.

“Am I dreaming? Is this a memory?” you utter to yourself.

The figure shakes its head slowly, as if it is responding to you. Unable to comprehend the situation, you continue to stare at the figure.The figure stands tall and menacing across the table raising one arm towards your head and clenching its fist. The fist is furiously slammed against the table. Upon impact, the figure ceases to exist in an instant. You look around and see no trace of them.

You focus your vision on the table at the point where its fist landed on the table. A badly worn image is etched into the wood. You feel as though you recognise the image, and sense that it is of significant importance, but fail to recall why.

Filled with frustration, you stare at the logo and strain your mind trying to remember something, anything…

Posted On: March 10, 2017 By: psycb4   Preview   Direct link   Back to Confusion Revelation 

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