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Artist Chris Meigh Andrews

"Aeolian Processes": Solar powered, site-specific sound installation commissioned for œArt in Your Park, Highfields Park, Nottingham. Many of my installations feature renewable energy systems and make use of photo-voltaic (solar) panels and/or wind turbines and have been installed both inside and outside of the gallery space. My earliest completed work of this type was "Perpetual Motion" (1994), a gallery installation which included a wind turbine, made whilst I was resident Artist in Electronic Imaging at Oxford Brookes University. This work was subsequently exhibited at the Saw Contemporary Arts Centre in Ottawa (1994) and at the Castlefield Gallery, Manchester (1996). Since then I have continued to work with renewable energy within gallery spaces and in outside locations as a way of establishing relationships with the natural environment and highlighting the flow and transformation of energy from one form to another and include references to time and change. Most of my previous work with renewable energy has also featured the display of moving images, so in that sense "Aeolian Processes" is a new departure in that it produces sounds and does not include any visual imagery. However, the work has a definite physical presence and the various technical components that produce the sounds are all visible and include elements of movement and change. As with all my work, I am interested in making something in which the visitor engages with the functioning and operation of the work in order to make sense of it. With this installation I wanted to make something which was simple, direct and compatible with the landscape ethos of the park.

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