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In Tune With Your Environment

As a group of four - a quartet - you will venture to three different areas of the University Campus to tune into the environment. As a quartet, you will each be assigned a role, to embody the Cello, Viola, First and Second Violins. You will each be taken to your own instrument area within the larger area that the music exists within and must 'Tune In' by moving. Moving your devices and moving yourselves to rejoin at the intersection between you all to bring the full piece of music to life! You will be assigned a different instrument in each music area and the more you move and embody the motion of your instrument, the more effectively you will bring your part in tune. Rules of the experience: - Stay safe and always look where you are going - Travel to each music area as a quartet to find out what instrument you are - Have your phone volume turned up so that you and others can hear the music from the in built speaker - Move towards the intersection between you all. - Move in a musical manner - Try and arrive at the intersection in the middle together for maximum effect! - Have fun!

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