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Jack the Tripper

G54MRT (2018) - Coursework 1 -------------------- This experience is designed to be a fun way to tour Nottingham. The story presented in this experience is fictional, but some facts along the way about the various location you'll visit will be displayed. Facts will be formatted in bolded italics. This experience does not require you to enter any buildings, go on to private property, use transportation, jump into water, or do any illegal activities. Using the compass app, you will be directed to different areas. Once you reach the area, a sound will be played, the map post will be displayed, and you will need to use the clue to find the QR code. Once found, you should scan the QR code in the app to make the compass point to the next area. Please note that you do not need to keep looking at your phone at all times. A quick glance to check that you are going in the right direction is sufficient when moving between locations. When you reach a location, please be courteous to other members of the public, and stand out of the way of any major pathways so that people can get through. -------------------- From 1961 to 1966, a total of fourteen of bodies were found in Nottinghamshire, each with blunt force trauma to the head and scuffs on their body. Police didn’t treat the deaths as suspicious initially, as they believed that the victims just tripped and fell in unfortunate places. - However, when the 7th body with the same cause of death was found within 3 years of the first, police teams across the county finally became suspicious. News began to spread about a potential serial killer, now dubbed “Jack the Tripper”, and the public became panicked. The police investigated for years, but were not able to find the murderer. Go the the Old Market Square in the centre of Nottingham; this is where you'll begin.

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