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Strange Graffiti - MR

Strange things have been happening on campus........ You have been hired as an investigator. Small pieces of graffiti have appeared around the Jubilee campus and it is your job to find them and work out what they mean. Graffiti can be scanned with Artcodes (Available on Android and iOS) Google Play - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.ac.horizon.aestheticodes&hl=en_GB Apple App Store - Please visit the App Store through your iOS device Follow the instructions by visiting each location presented on Wander Anywhere. Find the graffiti and scan it. Who knows what you may find? *Graffiti must be scanned for the experience, once you have interpreted it, return to the Wander Anywhere application to continue* *Use your devices multitasking capabilities to run both Wander Anywhere and Art codes simultaneously* *The best starting point is outside the Business School to the south of the campus LINK HERE * - PLEASE BE AWARE OF YOU SURROUNDINGS AT ALL TIMES -

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