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Trials of the Primogenitors

PLEASE READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS Welcome to The Trials of the Primogenitors Experience. You will be immersed in a experience in which you will be Humanity's last hope of survival. can you prevent its down fall? will you be able to navigate through the path of enlightenment and are you ready for what awaits? And can you decipher the messages left for you? To start your experience you will need to enter the exchange building and stand by the model of jubilee campus. You will also need to download the Artcodes App at http://www.artcodes.co.uk/. Head phones or Earphones are also required for aspects of the expereince Remember whilst playing the game you will be required to walk around campus, which will involve crossing roads and passing other people. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, this is more important than the experience itself, and if you feel the experience is distracting you from keeping safe in your environment, stop playing immediately. By Calum France

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