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Just like authors, developers first need to register as a user of this website. Once you have confirmed your registration, contact an existing author to ask for an invite to become a developer.

Once you have accepted the invitation you will need to read the author disclaimer and accept it in your user profile. In your user profile you will also find your unique app key, which is used to authorise your use of Wander Anywhere’s developer features.

We ask that developers abide by the author disclaimer and that attribution is given to Wander Anywhere in any applications built using the features below.


Wander Anywhere provides a REST API that allows developers to query for a range of resources, including collections and content, and to filter by location. Developers are free to drive web and native apps from this API.

API documentation and examples


The indexes below provide handy references when working with the developer features of Wander Anywhere.

Wander Anywhere collection IDs

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