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Engaging ‘The Viewer’ is something all Artists at some point whilst making works will consider. As a BA Student my 2nd Year of study was devoted to engaging ‘The Viewer’ as part of the Ciricuclum. But i have found that for me engagment has become a key part in the exsistiance of my practice.

I would like to make site specific work this year around locations that invite engagement from the viewer. Often the work will be in the specific space maybe on part of ‘The Viewers’ journey through the city or it may potentially be in a gallery space. In the later case of the work being situated in the gallery space, I invite them to relate and draw on their knowledge and own experiences to connect the artwork with a location of similarity even the particular space the artwork is exploring.

By doing this I want to invite the viewer to identify their own presence within that space when viewing the work but also in turn become more aware of presence of plant life in that particular location or even be able to take that experience and apply it to another location in the future.

Juliet Steyn in ‘The Experience of Art’ suggested ‘Authentic experience involves encounters with otherness leaving the subject and object no longer where they were before. Something worthy of the name experience cannot leave us where we began.’

Posted On: November 1, 2013 By: hannahlawrence With 0 Comments

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